A restaurant in downtown Phoenix is under fire, accused of mishandling a situation involving a racial slur. A Black restaurant server said his coworkers sent him a food order with the N-word on it last month but management did not discipline or fire the two employees.
In an Instagram post Rakevion White, a student at Arizona State University, post the picture of the recipe and the events of what happen.

The restaurant’s CEO Ernie Vega came out to talk about the situation, said they’ve already handled it internally. Instead of losing his job, Vega wants his employee to gain some insight.

“That person has been notified that if it ever happens again they would be terminated,” Vega continues “We care about people but we also don’t want to just write people off who made a bad choice at one point in time.”

The two employees involved, told their managers it was intended to be a joke.

“Absolutely we don’t condone what was written on this ticket,” said Vega. “We think that was a horrible thing done by an employee. There was disciplinary action for two employees both verbally and in writing.”

White has said that since he has spoke on the incident, management has had his hours reduced and he has only been assigned to work one shift as a server

Vega said he has talked with White.

“He and I have had several conversations after the event,” Vega said. “I always thought they were very good. He told me he wasn’t really that upset with the individual.”

Protesters have went to the Breakfast Club bar for a sit in protest.