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Meet Delly Everyday, hailing from the state of Arizona, The MC made a big splash last year. Delly Everyday dedicated himself EVERYDAY to create new music to release every single day of 2018. Having the ideal before years back and after watching a video of his mentor Gary Vaynerchuk interviewing Nipsey Hussle, where Gary Vaynerchuk Predicts a artist will wake up one day and drop a song everyday and call it 365. January 1, 2018 That’s when Delly release his first track, dropping quality records everday and making it look easy. Never missing a day and even being knowledge by his mentor Gary Vaynerchuk, Delly also had time to star a film “The System”.

Gaining national attention by being interview by news stations, syndicated radio shows, featured in Phoenix New Times and being noticed by mainstream hip hop artists, Delly finished this 365 Challenge marathon with a victory lap. Delly is quoted saying “I’ve been writing my own raps for 14 years,” he says, “and I feel like all these years have prepared me for this moment.” The momentum doesn’t stop, 2019 Delly STILL working, creating and dropping new music, releasing new videos and live performances with a new project on the way. We see a long successful career for Delly Everyday Mr. 365. Check out some links to some of his music down below.