On June 25th 2020 the geeks of Twitter, myself included, were jaw-dropped to see Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweet the following;  “Only a matter of time before someone steals a Tesla while playing GTA on a Tesla…… literally” which led many to conclude that the two companies have a partnership in the works.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk via Twitter

This is something we have seen done unofficially through mods for PC gamers turning to professional modders to enjoy some of their favorite real life cars in the game. example of an ultra real-life mod here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC-0w5oQbyw

GTA V Real Life Car Mod

This is something very different, because this Tweet suggests that Rockstar is not only putting Tesla vehicles in the game, but the game will be added to Telsa’s entertainment suite with their vehicles. [chills] This would be such an amazing move, and opens the door to so many pressing questions: Like will there be multiplayer, tablet mode, cross platform info sharing, and a bevy of other things gamers will be dying to know.

This is definitely one we here at the Wayward Kid network will be watching very closely.

-Mr. Croft (founder: Stix Figures gaming)