Go with your gut!!!

How many times have we either heard that, or felt that in our heads just before we made a decision? [raising my hand because DUH] Along the same lines, I’m sure many of us as we got older, saw these same instructions and impulses come under intense scrutiny. As if everything that hit us in the gut, was a rash, irrational decision and required deeper thought and planning. But wait; if I stop I’ll waste time, and if I waste time then the moment has passed and I won’t be able to complete what I feel is a good idea. GRRR!! Don’t judge me, I’m not the only person that has conversations in their head! But honestly, we have all been there.

Wait there’s a twist….

What if I told you that gut feelings were actually in most cases more sound and rational than we have been led to believe or think. Crazy right? I thought so too when I first decided to start to research this. Our brains are like computers, so be it blatant or passive, our brains continuously observe, gather, and store information from every single encounter we have. I’m sure this information isn’t ground breaking, but it’s fascinating when you start to think about the amount of information our brains collect. Consider this; imagine a simple trip to the grocery store. Before leaving lets assume you make a short list of things that you need to buy. You go, get your things, then return home. Sounds basic enough right? Well lets start to think about some of this things your brain picked up on that you probably didn’t realize.

To start, you noticed things that you weren’t even there for. You notice advertisements for other products, you notice smells of foods being prepared in the deli section, you remember the cashier with the interesting hairdo and probably even an estimate of quantities for things you didn’t need at the moment. Now, will you consciously remember everything you’ve observed in this short excursion? Of course not, but subconsciously you have stored this information until it’s needed. But who/what determines when this information is needed? Well, YOU do, and in most cases your body will actually alert you that this information is a good fit for the time it is needed. Don’t believe me yet, watch this. Let’s say it’s a day or two later now, and you are on the way home and you think about blue storage boxes. Well you’re in luck, because when you were at the store, you passed blue storage boxes, and although you didn’t need them at the time you remembered they were there.

I know this may not sound like much of a deal but stay with me because there’s a point I promise because here’s where; (and excuse my choice of words) but sh*t is about to get real! [insert cocky smirk]. SO, remember that one time up there when I said your body will alert you.. well that is more than likely what happened when you connected the dots on where to find the blue storage boxes you need. Think about a time when something popped into your head. Now think about how you knew an actual thought had just entered your mind; ok seriously you can stop trying to remember how you felt in your body at the exact moment, but try for a moment to think historically about times when something in kind to the aforementioned has occurred. Where did you feel it? How did it feel? How long did the feeling last? How did you respond to the feeling?

Although it’s not a rule by any means, most typical minded individuals explain that when they felt in the moment a rush of euphoric gratification when making a really important decision, the feeling started; where boys and girls?? You guessed it, their gut! Or… stomach, no need to be dramatic at this point I’ve already earned my tool-stripes for some of the words I’ve used, BUT! I digress. The infamous “Gut Feeling” is your body literally telling you to go for it! Your body is telling you to go for it because your brain already knows you’re capable of seeing whatever it is through to completion. You have years of useless stored away information that your conscience mind never has a need to tap into, but your subconscious mind has this information stacked up like an encyclopedia. Wanna take a guess at what else it tied right into your subconscious, right again! Your body sends a signal letting you know that you have enough in the tank to make the journey.


What’s my point with all of this? Listen to your body, follow your gut, understand that everything around you feeding your mind over and over again until the time comes when you need to allow your subconscious mind and your conscious mind to harmonously problem-solve some of your life’s greatest decisions.

-Mr Croft