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$100 Dollars on a podcast, one episode, that sounds like exactly what you’re thinking right now…Madness. So thinking about it from that perspective is going to land you at the same conclusion every single time. “Get the fuck out of my face”. So I want you to open up your mind to the subject of this story, a young black podcaster who’s from Phoenix, Arizona who faces numerous struggles amidst working toward building a legitimate media platform on a national stage. 100 Episodes in…Think about that number, 100 Episodes In, 100 Different exclusives, stories, and in depth look at the live of some of your favorite Musicians, Actors and Athletes. Pound for Pound professional boxer Mikey Garcia, Tiny Lister Jr (Dee-Bo from Friday) MC Magic, Futuristic, Laci Kay Somers, Markus Wheaton, Will Claye, AMG, Maurice Greene, Napoleon, Deaundre Bonds and now episode 100 featuring now business & music mogul Master P. Of course thats a star studded list and even more impressive than that is the content that is pulled from each subject in the varying interviews. The host of the show “Podson” is a 27 year old man born and raised in Phoenix, AZ a young ambitious father of two young daughters and rising personality in the Southwest region allowed us to sit down with him to get an understanding of the where he came up with the idea to make this exclusive podcast available to only his most loyal supporters and well wishers and explain where he came up with this strategy, along with his goal for the episode along with his podcast career going forward. Heres what we learned.

WK: “First question is what would motivate somebody to spend $100.00 on a single Podcast Episode?”

PS: “That’s the thing, you’re not paying for one episode only. This is for my most loyal supporters to help me expand the platform by supporting a young black business financially. Everything is about ownership, but we cant achieve that without supporting one another. For me this is for the people who’ve seen me go broke, struggle and strive yet stay the course expand the brand and provide quality content while maintaining two children, personal bills, Studio bills, travel expenses etc. The episode will eventually be available for public consumption but for now this is for those who rock with me and know how far we can take this. Also Master P doesn’t give 1 Hour exclusives out and we got I got more info out of him than the breakfast club from a content standpoint.”

WK: “That’s an excellent answer. So How long have you been podcasting exactly?”

PS: “2 1/2 year up to this point, its definitely rough at times but I believe in myself, I believe in the industry, and I believe in my supporters.”

WK: “You have a lot of interviews with celebrities, how is it possible for you to rub shoulders with these people?”

PS: “Man a multitude of ways honestly, mainly by opening my mouth. For instance I met Cameron Dayton (COD MWII Developer) in Scottsdale at a bar and just introduced myself to see if he’d be interested to swing by the studio. At the same time I got Mikey Garcia on the show by sending multiple Dm’s. I met Master P through his former Manager J-Tweezy who I met through a network connection so it can work multiple ways, but either way i’m going to do what has to be done. I talked to Napoleon on a Magic Jack from Saudi Arabia I just believe where theres a will there’s a way.

WK: “So it sounds like you’re a master networker and honestly, coming from a Master P interview the sky is the limit. What would you say was your motivation behind this tactic?”

PS: “Nipsey Hussle. RIP to Nip, I took this directly from his campaign because like I said this is for my loyal supporters who want to see the brand grow and know my struggle, they can contribute $100.00 to get my finest piece of work yet exclusively but on the back realize they’re a true pillar in growing my company.”

WK: “Now what if I support you, but I don’t have $100.00?”

PS: “Honestly if I know you support me and you don’t have $100.00, anything helps donate what you can and i’ll work with you, trust me I go through it like anybody else. That’s why we have to help each other to grow.”

WK: “Is there anything exclusive to look forward to in the Master P Interview? Does the average viewer who wants to pay this but doesn’t support you have a reason to do so?”

PS: “More than I could’ve ever asked for, the content I received for me alone was legendary, being a fan it was special but being a media member I know certainly P doesn’t do podcast, along with barely doing radio. But the gems he gave and how much he covered about his whole life along with his ventures is PRICELESS. If you love P and don’t even watch me you’ll still get your money worth.”

WK: “Well I look forward to the interview, we at Wayward Kid will certainly support you and look forward to whats coming down the pipeline. If anyone else wants to support how do they donate ”

PS: “In order to support reach out to me direct message or via email and I will provide you with an online payment method if you prefer Cashapp or Zelle etc. While also providing a GoFundMe link below. Thank you for allowing me to use your outlet. One last message for those who don’t or cant support the episode will be released in segments in 30 days. Thank you for watching and supporting regardless. Shine moment.”

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