Famous boxing trainer Roger Mayweather and uncle of Floyd Mayweather, who he trained through out most of his career has passed away.
As a fighter, Roger was known as “The Black Mamba,” with a record of 59-13 (35 KO). Roger turned pro in 1981 and won his first world title in 1983, to win the WBA 130-pound title in just his 15th professional fight.

Roger Mayweather won the WBC 140-pound title in 1988,  He would go on to successfully defended that title three times before losing it to Chavez in a 1989 rematch, they previously fought in 1985. Mayweather also held the IBO light welterweight title and the IBO welterweight title. Roger would retire in boxing 1999, that same year he became a full time trainer.

Roger Mayweather is know for many things, one on particular is entering the ring which interrupt in a brawl, during the Zab Judah vs. Floyd Mayweather fight in April 2006, in which a low blow was thrown.


Floyd Mayweather spoke on Roger’s health back in 2015 and blamed boxing for damaging his brain.
“My uncle Roger Mayweather has lost a lot of memory from the sport of boxing,”
Floyd said continued
“He’s only in his 50s, but it seems like he’s an old man in his 80s.”

Many considered Roger the best trainer in the world, He was 58.