Upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn (PS5)

About a week ago the gaming community was finally given a glimpse of the highly anticipated Playstation 5. Sony’s delayed presentation featured roughly 30 mins of gameplay from many upcoming games, and ended with a hardware reveal that has seemed to split Playstation fans. Even us here at Wayward Kid were slightly underwhelmed by Sony’s showing. Lets stick a pin there for a sec so I can clarify so I’m not crucified by Sony fans; the presentation was underwhelming to us for little reasons, reasons that most older snobby gamers like myself knit pick on because we have grown to expect a standard from our developers when it comes to new console releases. For one, the presentation was in 30 fps which at this stage is odd because the prediction was that showing off unbelievable gameplay graphics would be the point in a sense, not that the graphics that were shown are bad, but usually developers love to show the muscle of their new engines by showing off high refresh rates coupled with amazing visuals. But I digress, there were some pretty big game announcements made like the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, a Miles Morales focused Spiderman Sequel, and a list of other games from large and small developers.

Spiderman – Miles Morales (available Holiday 2020)

Sony wasted no time at all diving right into specs and the all important gameplay. Surprisingly there was no mention of backwards compatibility which many were looking for because Microsoft boasts their upcoming Series X will be fully backwards compatible. Although we are still in the dark about backwards compatibility, much light was shed on some key things that people probably weren’t expecting. I say this because at launch, there will be two versions of the system available. One traditional disc based console, and another that is all digital. Something like this usually happens after an initial launch of the console. In fact, we have seen both Microsoft and Nintendo stretch their legs in this manner in this current generation of consoles. To be honest, that was my biggest shock of the presentation, sure we have seen consoles be released with different tier options in the past, with mere rumors of other radical offerings, but this actually happened. Additionally, radical is more than an appropriate way to describe the two offerings, this is because from the beginning, console launches (that have a physical console to begin with… so not Stadia or Nvidia..) have always been launched as physical consoles/consoles that have the option of taking discs.

Games seem to be the major focus for Sony going into this new era of gaming consoles. I’m certain there were many predictions made for what would be shown, but what surprised me and impressed me at the same time was Sony’s firm stance on fresh new games and not the usual Look who’s getting a sequel parade that we tend to see during every new console release. Of course there was a sprinkle of games that are getting sequels, Hitman, Madden, NBA 2k and some of the other familiar IPs but games like The Pathless, Jett The Far Shore, and Solar Ash, all look like fresh promising upcoming games that aim to change how we experience video games taking full advantage of Sony’s new haptic Dual Shock Sense controller. It’s always refreshing when developers put strong emphasis on having a strong library of games to play at launch.

Upcoming & Ratchet- Clank (PS5)

Sony ended their presentation with a peek at the console. The design is much larger than I personally anticipated. Sony later explained that this was to account for airflow and cooling and lastly to meet a more modernized esthetic. The design is definitely different thank recent console releases, but still very true to what most console designs are today, notably the bold vertical design of the Xbox Series X. Make no mistakes the 2020 arm’s race for gaming’s next big thing is underway and from the way it looks, this next offering from Sony should be a pretty huge leap forward from the PS4. Guess we’ll find out in November!

-Mr Croft.