Killer Mike has blessed the culture with his talents for well over a decade. His lyrical skill set and virtuosity in his delivery are rare and unmatched by many. Mike is a multifaceted individual who is notorious for stealing the spotlight on a feature. He embodies entrepreneurship, black excellence, persistence, and Social Awareness.



In 2017, Killer Mike announced his second location to his SWAG Shop, at the newly renovated Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The SWAG shop, which stands for Shave Wash And Groom, is a barbershop owned by him and his wife that provides a “sustainable opportunity for those struggling with employment.” Their mission is to offer a safe haven for kids in the community to hang out, get their haircut, and watch the games.

One of his recent new endeavors to the game is his six-episode series on Netflix called Trigger Warning with Killer Mike. In the show, he tackles social issues that are prevalent in the black community. The first episode follows his actions in a three day fast in which his sole purpose was to only consume products from the black community. He sheds light on the scarcity of the black dependency in today’s society.

He also made an appearance at the Nipsey Hussle’s Community Service Memorial in Atlanta Georgia. He encourages the culture to end gang violence and to put that energy back into the community. “That rag that is over your forehead or out of your left pocket is better served wiping the sweat off your head for the work you were doing on behalf of your community in a way that is not murder of the Africans. You do not have to kill one another to prove your love to your neighborhood.”

For his countless contributions to the culture, we would like to issue a Thank You to one Michael Render for allowing the culture to enjoy, learn and grow with Killer Mike.