By DanYo

Getting put on to Emmitt Dupree is something special, so let me put you on. The lyricist is hailing from Arizona, The MC has brought a heatwave in the Winter. Emmitt recent releases has been gathering Attention, His track “Stone Cold Steve Austin” featuring Dela Preme and produced by Uzie Wards has been pick up by multiple blogs, Also gathering attention from TDE’s signee REASON for #flickItUpRemix Challenge, where Dupree did his version of the song with a facetime theme “CRAZY”!!!!!. Another gem Emmitt Dupree has is showcasing his vocals on my personal favorite “Mama Don’t” off his album “And Then I Cracked”. The way Emmitt Dupree structure his songs are amazing, you can tell the music is not rush and he is about quality, even his freestyle earlier this year on power 98.3 is filled with metaphors and schemes that you might miss if you blink just once. If we are talking the current Top 10 artist in AZ, i believe he has a great argument. So since I just put you on to Emmitt Dupree, I need you to stay on and watch his every move!!! LINKS TO HIS LATEST BELOW



#FlickItUpRemix Challenge

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