His Voice continues to be heard. Legendary Rapper Tikey “TRAP HOUSE” Patterson teased a project before his passing and spoke briefly about it in last interview in late 2018. The Black Family Presents Traphouse “Memoirs Of The Dopeman” Hosted by DJ John Blaze, has arrived and in time for the one year anniversary of Traphouse’s passing, right when you turn on this project you hear Trap’s voice and then you smile. You smile because you hear TRAP again, you hear his passion, you hear what he loved to do, you hear a leader, a motivator, you hear his Voice that you haven’t heard in over a year. Classic is a under statement, this project is a masterpiece and should be treated like one. From the rhymes, to the hard beats that switch up, to even Dj John Blaze Hyping it up. This project wasn’t just worth the wait but continues Traphouse’s Legacy. HIS VOICE IS HEARD AGAIN. LONG LIVE TRAP

GFX: Derezinald Browning